Download WhatsApp for PC 2015

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Here are the trick to Download and Run Whatsapp on PC 2015 or Download Whatsapp for Pc 2015, Are you in search for finding out How to Use WhatsApp on your Computer at your own comfort? In this tutorial we described a step by step tutorial on downloading and installing whatsapp on your PC either it might be Windows or Mac machine.

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Download WhatsApp On PC : Today, I am going to post about how to download and run whatsapp on pc. We know WhatsApp Messenger is a platform mobile messaging app which allows you to send and receive messages, photos, videos etc, at free of cost, WhatsApp is very popular application on all mobile platforms but today i find a application which helps to running whatsapp on pc for this first you download BlueStacks. BlueStacks is application for pc which helps to run Android application like WhatsApp etc. It is also called Android emulator. You can download many applications like WhatsApp Messenger etc on the Google Play Store with the help of BlueStacks. Check out how to hide last seen features in whatsapp.

Download WhatsApp for PC 2015

Download WhatsApp for PC Download WhatsApp for PC 2015

Download WhatsApp for PC

Step 1) First of all, you need to download Bluestacks in PC to Run Whatsapp on PC or Mac.

and Install it on your pc. After installing open it.
Download WhatsApp for PC2 300x180 Download WhatsApp for PC 2015

Step 2) You find a search bar at the center of this application, Now find WhatsApp Messenger.
Download WhatsApp for PC3 300x179 Download WhatsApp for PC 2015

Step 3) Click on WhatsApp Messenger and Download it.
Download WhatsApp for PC4 300x91 Download WhatsApp for PC 2015

Step 4) Now Open WhatsApp Messenger and click on Agree button and Continue.

How to Activate WhatsApp :

Step 1) In mobile after installing WhatsApp you need to put some information such as choose your country and mobile number, but in pc whatsapp thinks using a mobile phone and send verification SMS to your number in your inbox and your mobile number should be verified. But in case of pc choose different verification method.

Activate WhatsApp for PC 300x106 Download WhatsApp for PC 2015

Step 2) If you activating whatsapp on your pc for this wait 5 minutes, this is a real trick we know whatsapp will wait for 5 minutes expecting the verification SMS to send on your pc, then prompt for another way for verification such as ‘voice verification’.

Activate WhatsApp for PC2 300x132 Download WhatsApp for PC 2015

Step 3) Waiting after 5 minutes, whatsapp will prompt for another way of verification such as ‘voice verification’. Now you will see Call Me button, click on Call Me button, then whatsapp will automatically dial your number and you hear the 3 digit verification code, remember this 3 digit verification code and enter it on whatsapp.
Activate WhatsApp for PC3 300x118 Download WhatsApp for PC 2015

Step 4) Now next turn is put your name in whatsapp and hit enter.

How to Add Contacts in your WhatsApp :

whatsapp contacts 300x71 Download WhatsApp for PC 2015

Step 1) Click on Menu Bar .

Step 2) Then Click on Contacts

Step 3) 
Now put your friends numbers who will running whatsapp, In this way you will Adding New Contacts

Done !

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Here are the trick to Download and Run Whatsapp on PC or Download Whatsapp for Pc, If you like this post don’t forget to share this post.

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